News from the Delley group

November 14, 2022


Welcome to Nicolas Brunner! He is starting a Master project in the group on surface electric fields.

October 3, 2022


Welcome to Matthias Büttler! He is starting an exciting Master project in the group on the surface chemistry of transition metal phosphides.


June 24, 2022


Awesome group effort at the PCC Summerparty 2022! Periodic cupcakes! Next year with cupcake sizes by natural abundance?



June 20, 2022


Welcome to Tegele Si! She will be doing a Master research project in the group.

TOC cation/SAM
May 5, 2022


Just published! Check out how electrolyte cations affect acidity and electric fields at the surface of functionalized gold.

Delley, M. F.*; Nichols, E. M.; Mayer, J. M. Electrolyte Cation Effects on Interfacial Acidity and Electric Fields. J. Phys. Chem. C 2022, 126, 8477 DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpcc.2c01134.

May 1, 2022


Welcome to Dr. Yunfei Jiao! He just joined the group as a Postdoc.

March 25, 2022


Welcome to Daela Milinkovic! She just joined the group as a Master student.


October 11, 2021


Ronny Hardegger just joined the group as a Master student. Welcome!


NCCR Women
October 6, 2021

The Swiss National Science Foundation Centers of Competence in Research (SNSF NCCR) have launched a campaign to support and celebrate equality and diversity in science. #NCCRWomen introduces women in science and their research. See e.g. our contribution with the NCCR Molecular Systems Engineering here

October 1, 2021


Welcome to Tzu-Chin (Jasmine) Chang Chien, a new PhD student in the group!



SCS fall meeting 2021
September 10, 2021


Congratulations to Vanessa for winning an award for her poster at the SCS fall meeting 2021! Great job, Vanessa, and very well deserved!




August 30, 2021


Aysha returns to the group for her Master thesis project. Welcome back!


August 27, 2021


Our recent JACS work (JACS, 2021,143, 10778) has been highlighted in Nature Chemistry by Eric Piechota: See "Deconvoluting double layers" here




August 16, 2021


Géraldine joins the group for a Master research project. Welcome!



July 13, 2021


Check out Murielle's new publication examining how applied potentials and electrolyte solution conditions affect the effective acidity at electrified interfaces.

Delley, M. F.†,*; Nichols, E. M.†,*; Mayer, J. M.* Interfacial Acid/Base Equilibria and Electric Fields Concurrently Probed by In-Situ Surface-Enhanced Infrared Spectroscopy. JACS 2021, DOI: 10.1021/jacs.1c05419.

Vanessa, Nina
July 1, 2021


Antonia just joined the group for a Master research project. Welcome!




April 6, 2021


Aysha joins the group for a Master research project. Welcome!





February 1, 2021


Miguel joins the group. Welcome!




November 15, 2020


Vanessa Wyss and Nina Arnosti join the group. Welcome to the pioneering PhD students of the group, Vanessa and Nina!